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Only those who know their weaknesses can be tolerant of the weaknesses of their neighbours.

My children, if someone abuses you with words, do not pay much attention; be quiet at your prayer, and ask for your friends to settle the dispute and find peace between you and those who have abused you. -Talmud

The man who cannot forgive destroys a bridge which he will have to cross, because every person needs forgiveness. -Edward Herbert

Almost always, when we look deep into our souls, we can find there the same sins which we blame in others. If we do not find a particular sin in our soul, then we should look more closely, and we will find even worse sins there.

A deep river is not troubled if you throw a stone into it. If a religious person is hurt by criticism, then he is not a river but a shallow pool. Forgive others, and then you will receive forgiveness. -Muslih-ud-din Saadi

If we can put ourselves in the place of other people, we lessen our pride.