The Moral Question;
or, Duties to One’s Selves

I’m delighted to be able to write that I have recently completed the writing of a second book, ‘an essay, advancing a greater need of poetical consistency in one’s philosophy; in particular, by way of attempting to arrive at solutions to the problems of old age and domestic felicity, a clarification of one’s relations to, or the scope of one’s duties towards, those presently most pressingly resembling aspects of one’s world, namely one’s family and one’s nation.’ Apart from some other private projects, I have been working on this- what I’ve been calling ‘The Moral Question; or, Duties to One’s Selves’- since last February, determined to answer for myself a question I did not feel right leaving unanswered. It is an essay, due not to its length, which is utterly un-essay-like, but to, if one goes by what an essay literally means, its being an ‘attempt’- to put to words one’s thoughts- here managed in the manner of something between a memoir and a commonplace book.

Featured image: Cover page (The Moral Question; or, Duties to One’s Selves)
Author: Arjun Jain
Language: English
Number of Pages: 111 (Hardback)
Dimensions: 13.4 x 19.8 cm
Price: ₹200 (digital printing, stitch-binding, hardback covering)
(As per first edition, September 2017)


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