Prudence and Jurisprudence
Farewell, Britannia

I have completed, finally, a book of poetry that I’d been working on over the past six months.

Entitled Prudence and Jurisprudence, it is ‘a work in verse and prose, consisting principally of the poem, Farewell, Britannia, on an instance of seemingly insurmountable inequality, with questionable origins, from the point of view of to whom is it subjected; in particular, the consideration of the issue of deprivation of freedom of movement, or visa restrictions, with an aim of arriving at an individual position on the matter, and an appropriate response in light of it.’

It is, moreover, the first of the products of the John Ruskin Manufactury, which I’ve set up, among for other reasons, to conduct my commercial operations, henceforth, under the name of. The economic policy, about which in more detail on the manufactury’s website, and in the book, remains, for this, the same as that under which I have previously made the prints of my artwork available. Briefly, again, ‘…I shall ask for no set fee; it shall be as much as one is willing and able to pay for, over and above the expenses I may have been put to in securing the raw material of which the work is composed; my own mental advancement, the revealing of the faults in my own thoughts, and the serviceable occupation of my time, being my first and foremost rewards’.

Featured image: Cover page (Prudence and Jurisprudence)
Author: Arjun Jain
Language: English/ Early Modern English
Number of Pages: 164 (Paperback)
Dimensions: 21 x 29.7 cm
Price: £10 (£8, printing; £2, Fastback binding)

(As per first edition, August 2016)

To order a copy, please do not hesitate to get in touch via the John Ruskin Manufactory’s website.